El Salvador

Welcome to El Salvador,

we are www.elsalvadorcustomtours.com and we want to show you our beautiful country.


El Salvador has the bad media reputation about safety, but I can tell you it is a safe country.

But like any other country we have good areas and this more than 90% of the entire territory

The bad areas exist but we avoid it.


Enjoy our excellent salvadoran food and try all the traditional dish you will love it.

Places to visit:

In this website you will find diferent option to visit our country and around.
just  you have to decide what do you want to do and we make it possible
everything with a private service and biligual guides
for that reason  we are Custom Tours

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El Salvador Custom Tours

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Shuttle Service

The fastest, safest and most reliable way to arrive to your destination

Driving in Central America can be difficult and tedious for foreigners beacause they have poor signalization and lighting on the highway also unsecure or bumpy roads and other factors can cause delays, or other unnecesary inconveniences in your trip. To avoid any of these issues, we offer our safe and reliable shuttle service to all areas of Central America.