? Tazumal Ruins



Tazumal Archaological Park


Tazumal is a site located in the town of Chalchuapa, in the province of Santa Ana. The park has 2 big pyramids and other small structures that were built around 400 d.C.- 1200 d.C., during the Mayan clasical period. This was a ceremonial Mayan site. Numerous ceramic remians show that Tazumal was mainly a ritual place.

The site was later used by mexican societes that migrated south after the Mayan colapse. The park has a nice museum named after the archaeologist in charge of the restauration of Tazumal, Stanley Boggs. The park is closed on mondays.

Tazumal was the first archaeological park of El Salvador. The name Tazumal comes from the name of the Finca that once existed before the site was excavated. Stanley Boggs worked in the site between the years 1945-1950. The site has gone through a lot of damage and destruction due to the urban growth of Chalchuapa.