? Suchitoto city




Suchitoto is a historic colonial town in El Salvador with cobblestone streets, colonial houses, rich cultural traditions, and panoramic views of Lake Suchitl√°n. We offer a variety of ammenities in our tranquil city, including hotels and restaurants for all budgets, museums, art galleries, and nightlife. In our rural areas, as well, you will find natural and historical treasures and numerous opportunities for exploration.


Suchitoto is a Nahuat prehispanic word which means: "place of the flower-bird" . Suchitoto has a lot of historical value, the first capital of El Salvador was founded here, in a small village now called Ciudad Vieja, its original name was Valle de la Bermuda. The first spaniards built the first church, the first streets and houses. These same people abandonded La Bermuda because the area was too small for urbanisitic growth and also because the Spanish soldiers were able to defeat the Cuzcatlecos, the native indigenous society that governed the area now known as San Salvador. In the twentieth century, Suchitoto was one of the towns most affected by the armed conflict that our country suffered through (1980-1992). The municipality lived in desperate circumstances due to the scourge of war confrontations and the suspension of potable water, energy, electricity and public transportation services.