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Rest and Relax in our beautiful beaches

There are several beaches in El Salvador with good hotels that will allow you to relax with the sound of the waves on the background. The hondurean caribbean is part of the Mesoamerican Reef, the world´s second biggest coral reef. It will be a lifetime experience to come and visit the best beaches on the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.


When you come to El Salvador, if you decide to go to Roatan, we are the best option in regards to comfort and safety. So we can transport you to a place where you are going to experience the paradise islands style.


Come and enjoy the fresh air from the salvadorean mountains, you will have a great time in the cloud forests. Enjoy the experience of walking through safe trails in coffee plantations. Central America offers beautiful sights and a big diversity of fauna and flora.

Walking through the natural reserves of Central America will make you feel as you have gone back in time, when human hadnt appeared in this part of the world.

El Pital

El Pital is the highest peak of El Salvador. There are some farms and communities surrounding the peak, you can buy local grown fruits and vegetables here. There are accomodations close to El Pital where you can horseback ride or just relax in a hammock surrounded by pine trees.