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Punta Roca is without any doubt, one of the best waves in El Salvador, the wave has a very tall and long line, on its peak, it can reach more than 5 meters high and the waves can be a little dangerous, this wave is recommended for advanced and pro surfers as it can be dangerous for novice surfers, the surf federation of el salvador has Punta Roca as one of the circuits to determine the best surfers in the country.

This wave is very close to the dock of la libertad, next to playa la Paz (which is good for people learning to surf). The Punta Roca line is from left to right and lasts approximately 30 to 60 seconds, during its peak this wave can reach 5 meters high.

To get there: From the airport take the CA2 which takes you to the La Libertad Town, entering the town, keep going straight and cross left 2 blocks after the Towns Dock. Keep going straight through the street that passes by the soccer stadium and cross left again at the big park. The police covers this area , so its safe to come here.