? Punta mango El Salvador


Punta Mango is located 180 km from San Salvador, Punta Mango is on the municipality of Jucuaran, part of the province of Usulutan, the place is a forgoten paradise. The hostels located here are very far away from the Spot, this hotels and hostels are located in the beaches of las Flores and El Cuco; this last beach is in the province of San Miguel, the locals of El Cuco will tell surfers that the roads are dangerous and that there is gang activity in the area. This is false, these fancy hotels' rates range around $100 or more per room have all the commodities of a house but charge a $40 extra fee for the boat ride.
Or you can aslo find Casa Loca, which is the most economic option, $10.00 per person to stay here. Its also located closer to the spot of Punta Mango, there is no internet, nor cellphone signal. The locals are very humble and the majority work as farmers. You can find some sodas, snacks and similar with Carmelo (manager of casa loca) and Valentin.

This wave makes a better tube than the waves in La Libertad, its considered one of the best but is not considered in the national surf circuit. Its a safe beach, no gangs nor thieves.

To get here: From the airport, take the CA2 that takes you to the east of the country, Usulutan, to get to Punta Mango you can enter in the detour of El Espino and enter through Jucuaran just for 4x4 vehicles, the street hasnt been built yet. The other way is through San Miguel, you have to get to the detour El Delirio and take the right way towards El Cuco beach, when you get to El Cuco take the detour that is on the far right hand, keep going straight the street is safe, its a dirtroad but with good mantainance, any type of vehicle can access this street.