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El Salvador Custom Day Tour



Suggested Tours and Locations

For your visit in El Salvador, we offer the most attractive places in the country. These locations can vary depending on your interests.


If you like archaeology, we recommend visitng the 4 major archaeological sites in El Salvador; Joya de Ceren, Casa Blanca, Tazumal and San Andres. You will learn a lot about the Mayan Culture, their domestic settlements and their ceremonial monumental urban areas. El Salvador is a country with a lot of archaeological remains.


El Salvador offers wonderful natural sights all over its territory. There are more than 10 active volcanoes, several volcanic lakes and awesome mountain ridges that will make you forget the commodities of the city and will make you want to move into the Salvadorean Mountains.

Culture and History

El Salvador has gone through many historical processes, learn about the salvadorean and central american history. Many battles, assasinations, military governments and repression is part of the History of Latin America and you can experience this history through the remains of the past and sometimes directly from the people that participated in those historic moments.


No food or drinks provided by us. 10 hour tour, we start at either 6,7,8, 9 am.
Overtime is offered from $10/hour and on.