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3 Mayan UNESCO Sites



Suggested Mayan UNESCO Tour

Quirigua is a small city located northwest of Copan, these two cities were allies and/ or enemies in different historic moments. Quirigua was initially dominated by Copan, but around the year 738 a.D., the King of Quirigua captured the famous king of Copan, 18th Rabbit. This king was taked as a captive to Quirigua and then beheaded during a festivity. Joya de Ceren is unrelated to Copan, but it has been linked with the near city of San Andres. Joya de Ceren is a domestic complex preserved due to several meters of layers of ash of a nearby volcano.


Day One

We start our tour at San Salvador and depart towards Quirigua in Guatemala. We arrive around 4 hours later. We check the site and spend the day here. After noon, we depart towards Copan Ruinas and spend the night there.

Day Two

We start our tour in Copan Ruinas. We visit the site in the morning, check the tunnels, the Sculpture Museum and the Archaeological Museum. The site is big so we can spend the whole day here or go to the nearby Las Sepulturas Site. At night we go out to the small town and have a nice dinner. We sleep in Copan once again.

Day Three

We depart early in the morning back to El Salvador. We visit the monumental, ceremonial site of Tazumal. El Che Guevara visited this site during his roadtrip through Latin America. Then we visit Casa Blanca site and then Joya de Ceren and we finish at the San Andres Archaeological site, where you will see around 5 half restored pyramids. Then we go back to your hotel in San Salvador and we finish our tour.



El Salvador museums and archaeological sites are closed on Mondays. No food or drinks provided by us. Border procedures are personal. Hotel accomodations are not included in our rate.