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El Salvador Mayan Tour



San Andres is a relatively big Mayan ceremonial site. Its made up of more than 5 pyramids, 2 main plazas, one for the royalty and one for the normal people. The place itself is nicely maintained and the museum is very informative. The archaeological site has been restored maybe a 8%. San Andres is known for having commercial and political links with Copan.

Tazumal is an archaeological Mayan site located in Chalchuapa. Its made up of one huge pyramid and one small one. The site was bigger in the past, but urban growth has affected the progress of the archaeological investigation. There is a nice museum inside the site and on the outside you can buy souvenirs or try the local food “yuca con chicharron” which means yuca (a local root that tastes like a fibery potato and pork rinds.

Joya de Ceren is a unique place in the world because it shows in a 3 dimensional way the normal life of people in the Mayan World. This small site is composed of 10 structures, which are part of a residential-domestic complex. The residencies were abandoned due to the eruption of a nearby volcano, so people fled and left everything behind. The nice museum shows remains of Yuca, duck bones, mice bones, and other interesting objects preserved by the layers of ash of the volcano’s eruption. The highlights are the Sauna Room and the female Shaman’s house.

Casa Blanca is a small archaeoligical site located in Chalchuapa as well, this site has a nice little museum, a indigo dye shop and also a small site composed of around 4 unrestored structures called “monticulos”. The attractiveness of this site is the natural environment and the unrestored monticulos.

Suggested Itinerary

Our Mayan tour covers only the 4 major Mayan sites Tazumal, Casa Blanca, San Andres and Joya de Ceren.

7am- We leave towards Chalchuapa and visit Casa Blanca, then Tazumal

12pm- At lunchtime we stop at Lake Coatepeque for fresh fried fish

2pm- We visit San Andres

3pm- We visit Joya de Ceren


Bring hiking shoes with good traction. Entrances to the parks are not included in our rate. Bring insect repellent and sun block.
No food or drinks provided by us. 10 hour tour, we start at either 7,8,9 am.
Overtime is offered from $10/hour and on.