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Layover Tours



Things to do with your limited time

Option one Beach tour.
We visit different beaches, visit the malecón is a dock and a fish market we can walk through. We can enjoy seafood and swimming at the Pacific Ocean.
We can visit the tunco beach is one of the most tourist beach from here and we can visit other local beach and back to the airport.
Our rate for a tour like this is $100

Option two City tour
We can visit the downtown area of San Salvador, visit the Catedral the rosario church is one of the most beautiful church here.
We move to boqueron national park is a big crater of San Salvador volcano and we finish eating our humble dish pupusas and back to the airport Our rate for a tour like this is $135.

Enjoy Coatepeque lake, and Joya de Ceren this is perfect for scale of 6 hours or more, visit a old mayan city buried for the ashes of three different volcanoes. our rate for a tour like this is $140.

Cultural Stopover - Layover, we visit Art and Anthropology, the museum of the word and the image historical site of San Salvador include Downtown area of San Salvador our rate for a tour like this is $145

If you have 8 or 12 hours Layover we can visit a mix of everything, cultural, beach, city, history our rate for a tour like this is $160


No food or drinks provided by us. Exiting the airport requires a tourist visa that costs around $10 per person plus another $10 for the Permission to leave the airport.