? Lake Suchitlan, Suchitoto


Lake Suchitlan


Lake Suchitlan is an articial water body located next to the town of Suchitoto. Suchitlan comes from the prehispanic word that means "flower" and "water"; in spanish it would mean something like the lake of the flowers.

The lake was created in 1976 to create a Hidroelectric Energy Dam, taking advantage of the natural route of the Lempa river. This lake produces the majority of the electricity consumed in El Salvador. Its extension is of 135 km2 and its altitude is around 180 meters above sea level.

The lake has become a tourism attraction due to its natural diversity. The lake also helps local fishermen to make a decent living. The waters of this lake are excellent for people that like to fish; birdwatching is also an activity here. You can also rent a kayak or hire a boat to take you on a ride through the lake. Come and relax in this magical place of El Salvador