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Lake Ilopango


Lake Ilopango is a small lake located only 30 minutes away from San Salvador. The lake has a historical importance because , according to Geologists, it caused one of the 5 biggest eruptions in the history of Humankind. The lake is actually a caldera volcano, which is the most dangerous type of volcano.

Robert Dull, geologist from the University of Texas, is leading an investigation on the Lake with the purpose of finding more information about the catastrophic eruption that has been dated around the year 536 ad. The investigator has linked the eruption of the Ilopango Caldera with a worldwide phenomenon that occured in 536 ad, this phenomenon caused that temperatures around the globe to drop 1 or 2 degrees.

According to Robert Dull, this drop in temperature triggered the development of the bacteria which caused the Black Plague in Europe, killing 2/3 of the population. In the present, the caldera is still active but hasnt shown any type of unusual activity that could suggest another catastrophic eruption. The attractions at the lake are the trips on boat, you can also practice volcanic diving on the waters of this active caldera, which is a unique experience for divers.