? Ninfas Lagoon


Laguna de las Ninfas


The Laguna de las Ninfas is a beautiful lake located in the town of Apaneca, which is part of La Ruta de las Flores. The Lake of the Nymphs was named in honor of the abundance of the Nymphs flowers that you will see on the surroundings of the Lake. The lake is in the middle of a cloudforest with many coffee plantations in the area.

This small lake is located in the crater of an extinct volcano. The altitude of the lake is 1,640 meters above sea level. Its located only 4km away from Apaneca in the Province of Ahuachapan. The cloudforest in the surroundings has around 15 different species of flowers.

The attractions of the lake are its natural sights, clean and healthy environment and its quiet waters. This is an excellent place for meditation or just to relax a while and enjoy the sights of nature and the fresh air at the forest. Apaneca also offers other attractions like ziplines, all terrain vehicles and others.