Custom Tours


La Paz beach is perfect for people interested in learning to surf. Its very accesible because its one of the first beaches that you find when entering La Libertad, this beach has a tail of the Punta Roca line. Its a beautiful beach at the sunset beacuse you have a sight of the Dock of La Libertad.

This beach is attractive because of its sights, its right next to the Dock of La Libertad, you also have sights of El Malecon and the Punta Roca beach.

To get here: From the airport, take CA2 that goes to El Puerto de La Libertad, entering the town you will see the Dock and El Malecon on your left side, you can park in any of these places or any place that you find close to the Dock, enter through El Malecon and you will find yourself in front of the beach.