? Joya de Ceren



UNESCO World Heritage Site


Joya de Ceren is located only 45 minutes away from San Salvador. This is a mayan clasic period domestic complex. The site was preserved due to the volcanic ash of a nearby eruption in the year of 650 d.C. The site has 10 excavated structures, 2 houses, 2 warehouses, one kitchen, one sauna room, etc.

The site has a small museum that shows original remains of the straw roofs; agave, yuca and other vegetables and roots that were grown in the backyards and gardens of the preserved houses. The site was delcared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993, its importance is that it shows the physical remains of regular mayan people in a tri-dimensional way.

The museum also has remains of mice that were found on the warehouses, a painted deer skull that probably belonged to the Shaman of the community. The site was discovered when a bulldozer made a cut in a hill that was later identified as several layers of ash and underneath this ash, a structure was found, Structure #1. Archaeologist Payson Sheets is in charge of the excavation and restauration.