? El Tunco beach La Libertad


El Tunco is the beach with the biggest commercial movement in the area, you can find perfect waves in the nearby beaches of El Sunzal or the small waves which form on both sides of the Big Rock which is called El Tunco, Tunco means pig in salvadorean spanish. This is also the place where you can find the best nightlife, the local community and the Tourism Institution have done several buildings to incentive economy, hotels, cafes and other nice places. You can find italian, greek, japanese, as well as local food. You can also find different types of beer, from different countries, or even artisan local beer.

El Tunco is one of the tourist preffered beaches because of the number of options in hotel accomodation, food or entertainment. The wave that is formed in its nearby beach El Sunzal is one of the best waves in the country and its part of the national surf circuit.

To get here: From the airport, take the CA2 that goes to El Puerto de la Libertad, enetering the town you will see the Malecon and the Dock, keep going straight, you will pass San Blas and the Bridges Conchalio and Majahual, keep going for a kilometer of more and watch for the sign on your left side that shows the detour to El Tunco, if you see a sign that says detour to Tamanique, you already passed El Tunco.