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El Palmar is a beautiful beach located on the km 50 of the coastal or litoral road, its a perfect beach to learn to surf, the locals are very friendly and hardworking, the waves can be either regular or goofy, since waves can enter from either from right or left, this beach is located next to the Atami club.

The best season to surf this beaches is during salvadorean summer(april and march), and thats because this is the season of big waves in El Palmar, the same happens in the last three months of the year, the wave has regular size but it forms perfect lines ideal of rookies, amateurs and more advanced surfers.

If you are a surfer who likes barrel surfing this is not the spot for you, since the wave forms at the point of the rocks which form the beach and this doesnt allow tube waves, but the line is really good; at the beach you can find good restaurants, we recommend Donde Tiola, their service is very good, there are other places where you can find good quality food and drinks.
To get here: from the airport, take the CA2 which takes you to the Puerto de la Libertad, entering the town of la libertad you will see the dock and the malecon, you keep going straight until you get to Tunco y Tamanique detour, keep going straight for approximately 6 km, you will pass through Xanadu and Atami, this last one will let you know you are close, passing Atami you will find a police checkpoint and a bridge, turn left on the dirt road right after the bridge and keep going striaght for a max of 5 minutes until you see the beach in front of you.