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El Imposible National Park - Coatepeque - Ruta de las Flores



El Imposible + Ruta de las Flores + Lake Coatepeque (12 hours)

Suggested Itinerary:

7am- Leave San Salvador and drive west. The road is paved and in good conditions the first hour and a half; then we take the dirt road to the Park, the road gets very steep and bumpy in some sectors. Its 13.5 km of dirt road, approximately an hour. The sights are awesome in this road, you will experience the salvadorean “socially healthy” country life.
The road passes through small “cantones” or communities, you will see several children walking on the streets going to school or just playing around. Just people from the countryside living their everyday life, authentic salvadorean culture and people. Dogs laying on the road taking sunbaths. Families here own their land and most of the times they have a parcel of land where they grow maize, beans and even coffee. If the day is clear you will be able to see the coastline from here.

9:30am- Arrive to El Imposible National Park and we meet our local guide there, we start the hike. The local guide gives us insights about the trees and the animals that live in the forest. These guides are locals so they are really knowledgeable about country life and nature.
10:30am- Mirador El Mulo. Here you will enjoy a privileged view of 1/3 of the Park. The voice of the wind is very strong and the peace is incredible when you stare at birds gliding through the wind currents of the canyon. 11am- Back to the Interpretation Center, small explanation of the Park. Small interpretation center provides history and interesting facts about the park. We depart towards Ruta de las Flores

1pm- We travel through the Ruta de las Flores and visit El Jardin de Celeste or we go directly to Concepcion de Ataco and take a small walk around town. Coffee is the specialty in this town. There are many restaurants in the area and beautiful church in front of a nice little park.

3:15pm- Depart towards Lake Coatepeque, we arrive 1 hour later. There we can either eat fresh fish or your choice, we can come down to the Lake so you can spend some time in the water. You will enjoy beautiful sights, Santa Ana Volcano is right in front of the Lake. Jetskis and boat rides are offered by third party businesses.


Bring hiking shoes with good traction and clothes for warm weather. Bring insect repellent and sun block. El Imposible Park Entrance fee non salvadoreans: $6 p/p (not included in our rate). Bring at least 1 liter of drinkable water.
No food or drinks provided by us. 12 hour tour, we start at either 6,7,8,9 am.
Overtime is offered from $10/hour and on. Cost of boat rides or other activities not included in our rate.