? Casa Blanca Ruins



Casa Blanca Archaeological Park


Casa Blanca is a small archaeological site located in the town of Chalchuapa. Its part of a huge archaeological area which is composed of Tazumal, El Trapiche, La Cuchilla and other smaller sites all located in Chalchuapa.

Together with the adjacent El Trapiche area (north of the park), Casa Blanca became the center of an important early Maya realm which arose at the end of the Late Preclassic period (approximately 250 BC - AD 250). The largest pyramid known in El Salvador was built during this time in the El Trapiche sector, and a stela was erected at its base. Unfortunately, the Maya text and imagery carved on this stela (now in the site museum) were almost entirely erased in antiquity. Another structure dating from this time (which was investigated before its destruction) contained the remains of over 30 individuals who had apparently been sacrificed. They may have been captives taken during one of the military campaigns conducted by this ancient kingdom.

The park features 6 prehispanic structures, consisting of 3 pyramids and 3 minor buildings. As a result of a decade of work by the current El Salvador Archaeological Project of the University of Nagoya, today the visitor may admire two partially restored pyramids (Structures 1 and 5) along the archaeological trail. There is also a small indigo shop where you can experience the making of "Maya Blue".