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We specialize in personalized, custom tours. Trustworthy is the word that describes us the best; we are professional guides and our purpose is to adapt to your needs and interests when you visit El Salvador and Central America.

We are travellers ourselves, we understand the factors that make the difference between an ok tour and an awesome tour. Safety, comfort, quality, punctuality and/or increased expenses are probably the most important of these factors. Central America has a bad reputation in regards to safety; The U.S. Department of State has issued warnings to U.S. citizens that plan to travel to El Salvador, to let them know that crime and violence levels in El Salvador are high. However, the same warning states "There is no information to suggest that U.S. citizens are specifically targeted by criminals." As locals, We wouldnt recommend any foreigner to visit El Salvador, Guatemala or Honduras by themselves, specially if they come with family. Fortunately, we know what areas are not appropiate to visit as well as areas with very low or no criminal incidents like Cayos Cochinos or Ruta de las Flores, where you can relax with your family with no threat around.

Central America is a beatiful place, natural sights, clean rivers, big mountain reserves, Pacific and Atlantic Ocean accesibility, Mayan prehispanic cities and actual live indigenous cultures make this a great attraction for foreigners looking to travel to exotic lands.


We understand that not being on time can be interpreted as "bad manners" on some cultures, central american culture is rather relaxed with time. Punctuality is guaranteed we us, we will be there on time. From our experience working for U.S. companies based in El Salvador, we have learned that quality in Central America can be different than the quality in First World Countries; thats why we strive to locate nice and authentic places to eat and sleep, to provide the visitor with the highest standards possible without compromising the authenticity and uniqueness of these places.


Our Team is composed by very knowledgeable and reliable tourguides.


We like to show visitors the most beautiful side of El Salvador. Our tours are designed to make the visitor experience the everyday life of salvadoreans without compromising safety.


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