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Honduras is a marvelous country, most of the people think the only places you can visit in Honduras is Roatan and Copan Ruinas because is the only safe areas you can find in Honduras and I think it is ok , because everybody knows the news we hear about their politics situation and problems with the gangs and is not far of the real, that problem exist, but at the same of El Salvador the gangs live in the poor neighborhood at the poor side of the big cities, and this people suffer the most consequences of this problem. But Honduras is not just gang and bad news, have one of the best island of the world is Roatan and other island like Utilila, Cayos Cochinos and historical places like Copan and colonial towns.

In Honduras we offer the west side of Honduras we visit, Santa Rosa de Copan, is the biggest and development city of the west side of Honduras, the Historical Center still have that charming of the Colonia, the stone roads and architecture make this place perfect to do a small walk througth the city.

Gracias Lempira  the most small town of our tour, but is just beautiful small town in the valley inside of the mountains, really close from the cloud forest Celaque National park,  covers an area of 266.31 square kilometres. It includes Honduras’ tallest peak, called Cerro Las Minas or Pico Celaque, which reaches approximately 2,870 metres (9,416 ft) above mean sea level. It has an elevation ranging from 975 to 2,870 metres (3,199 to 9,416 ft).

The parks offer different kinds of hike you can choose from half and hour hike to 2 days hikes camping in the top of the volcano and enjoy this beautiful sunrise above the clouds, other place we can visit is the spanish fort at the top of the hill, protecting the town.

And of course we visit Copan Ruins, this marvelous mayan city, world heritage and ond of the most important city in the mayan east territory. In Copan we can do horseback riding, Luna Jaguar Hotspring.

We do not forget Tegucigalpa the capital city, and the Downtown, visit cathedral and the Merced and Clavario Churche. Or we can visit La Tigra National park.

Visit Honduras you will enjoy it.





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