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Suchitoto is a historic colonial town in El Salvador with cobblestone streets, colonial houses, rich cultural traditions, and panoramic views of Lake Suchitlán. We offer a variety of ammenities in our tranquil city, including hotels and restaurants for all budgets, museums, art galleries, and nightlife. In our rural areas, as well, you will find natural and historical treasures and numerous opportunities for exploration.

In Suchitoto its colonial architecture stands out like the church of Santa Lucía, dating from the mid-nineteenth century, you can find relax and culture, we visit the indigo workshop, the Theatre Alejandro Coto and other local attraction.

Then we move to los Tercios waterfalls it is a unique waterfall in the area, the shape of the stone looks like a large natural column, the thing it is only have water on winter, very close is a small hidden city name Cinquera, has a central park decorated with vestiges of the civil War, for example the church has two large bombs in from of the main door that does not exploted. For some time they used one of these bombs as a bell to call everyone to come to mass.  and we fnish in the the lake in a boat ride.

In our day tout in Suchitoto we visit the waterfall los Tercios is unique in the place, its stone structures and its geography make the site a place to stop a few minutes and enjoy the view of the nature, if you do not like hike is not necessary to get down to enjoy the view, you can look from the top and still is impressive, or if you like hike we can make a small hike on natural stone pillars to get to the bottom en enjoy all the structure.

The persons who keeps the places are very friendly and they like to talk, dont get mad if they ask you something.

The time we spend at the place depend of you, can be 5 minutes or can be 1 hours or more, everything depend if you want to do the hike (Medium level) or just take a oicture from the top, just remember we have one more place to visit before to comeback.

During the 18th century, the village of Cinquera was established in the San Nicolás hacienda of the Ávalos family, through which the Camino Real de Partidas passed from San Salvador to Suchitoto. According to one version, a merchant has a position in the locality where the currency “Cinco (five) of cocoa” is admitted, the reason why it is his business is called “casa de la cinquera”. However, this story is contradicted by its Lenca top which means “Hill or place of stones and pacayas”.

The town was part of the department of San Salvador in 1824, and in 1835 of Cuscatlán, as part of the district of Suchitoto. In 1847 it was erected as a town with the name of San Nicolás Cinquera, being annexed to Cabañas in 1873. Cinquera suffered the ravages of the civil war in El Salvador in the 1980s that forced the majority of its inhabitants to leave the town

A town forgotten by the war and the commerce, they survived helping each other since the governments only arrived in periods of eleciones, due to its natural park and the proximity of suchitoto are more the people who dare to visit it.

The main attraction is its central square, which is decorated with vestiges of the civil war, two large bombs that did not explode decorate the entrance to the church, which can still be found holes of the helicopter bullets that flew over the town.
By the way, one of these helicopters is in the central plaza, it is the piece of a helicopter that the guerrillas destroyed. Then we comeback.


Lake or reservoir Cerrón Suchitlán Grande, was formed in the winter of 1976 with the creation of the Hydroelectric of Cerrón Grande in the cause of the Lempa River. Its name in Nahuatl means “place of flowers”. Although it is an artificial lake, it produces the most electricity in the country. It has an area of 135 km2 and an altitude between 182 and 234 meters above sea level varies depending on time of year.

The waters of Lake Suchitlán are an excellent site for those who enjoy a boat ride, fishing, bird watching. Our tour include a one hour boat ride.


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