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Honduras most tourist places are Roatan and Copan. But we want to show more about of Honduras, start from El Salvador, Santa Rosa de Copan just around 4 hours , is a colonial town with a lot of history, Mayas, Lencas, Spanish, invations from Guatemala and El Salvador, civil war, have everything, have a lot of history and is the most important city in the west side of Honduras.

Santa Rosa de Copan have colonial style historical center and most of the town is building at the hills, The importance of this place for the old Colonial Honduras  and the invation of the other countries like Guatemala and El Salvador, transfer the main goberment of Honduras for a lot of year to Santa Rosa de Copan, works like a capital city and military center to protec the country.

I call this city a walking city, the small roads and the quantity of vehicles make driving through the city really hard, but the beautiful old stone road and the colonial architecture mix with the view of the ladscape turn a hike really pleasent and healthy, the weather is really nice late afternoon.

Is the firts place I find who has this Mega Baleadas (tipical dish of Honduras) is more of the doble of the regular side. Good side, good flavor and good price. We can join the baleada with Copan Cola one of the pride of the city is have their own Soda.

This town is perfec to visit if you coming from the north of El Salvador is just around two hours and a half  from the border and hace really good option to stay and relax the day and continue the next day. They dont have to much tourist atractions but the town is really nice and with a lot of history.

Gracias is just one hour from Santa Rosa de Copan, Gracias another Colonial city is smallest than Santa Rosa de Copan but with more mountain around the city, one of this mountain is the National park Celaque is one of the hights place of Honduras, at the city we can find a spanish fort protecting the city and the same of Santa Rosa de Copan they suffer a lot of wars and invations.

The downtown is less development but the natural attraction this place have, make this place to stay more time that you expected, you can find at the city different place to eat, out enjoy a dessert, to stay is really small the offer but you can find a nice room with private bathroom for around $30.

Our tour include visit the National park Celaque and do a hike inside the parks we can do from 20 minutes to 6 hours hike. depend of you, other option the parks offer is make a 36 hours hike we camping inside the park and we do a morning hike to see the sun rise and you can see the clouds below you.

The site is functioned as the political, civil and religious centre of the Copan Valley. Our company offer day tours from El Salvador. Check out our day tour or if you want to stay in copan  and visit the other atractions like Macaws Mountain or Luna Jaguar hot spring betewen others, check two days tour in Copan.

We visit firts the Ruins Site, takes around 2 hours to walk all the site, and then we move to do Sepulturas is a residencial place takes around one hour.

After the visit of the ruins, we can visit Luna Jagua Hotspring can be the same day in the afternoon or the morning of the next day, the place it is around 40 minutes from the town of Copan, The place are in the middle of coffee farms and mountain in Honduras. The place is just lovely, conect your spirutual been with the nature, the hot water comming from the middle of the mountain and the different temperatures you can find  at the place made you can relax and just enjoy the palce, becasue is at the middle of the mountain the place allow you to bring food and drinks, at the place you can find one small place with some snacks and drinks.

Another good option is Macaws Mountain, is a rescue bird and protected area, they want to bring to the wild life all the macaws who born at the place, they try to bring back to population od red macaw to Copan, and they have anther birds the people use like a pet and they take care of them.

If you like horse, do horseback riding at copan is just a big experience, croos the river and enjoy the view of the farms and the town with ruins is just lovely.

At night we can visit the Digital Museum and enjoy the Baleadas is the national dish, Copan offer really nice place to enjoy the night life, if you like street food you can find around the main plaza different option fromlocal cousine made for this Garifunas family, our the humble dish baleadas, tacos, tortas and a lot of beef, chicken and pork.