Ruta de las Flores

Ruta de las Flores

Ruta de las flores

Are five different towns who grown up in the coffee culture, this towns was the settlement of the people who works in the coffee farms, with the time they form village until the create the towns very towns have diferent size and population  but all the towns have something unique to offering.

Churches, hikes, waterfalls, hotsprings, gastronomy, lagoons, colorfulls towns, cultural experiences are some of the things you can find in this area.

Gatronomical Festival you can find in the area of Juayua or Ataco just the weekend. But at the area you can find really good restaurants like Jardin de Celeste, Buenos Aires, Entre Nubes and others. Option to eat are a lot you just need what do you want to try.

Places like hotspring we recommend do it at the end of the tour, the rate are not include, is $10 per persons  but after 5:30 pm or 6:00 pm is just $6. The perfect end for a long day.

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We visit  Nahuizalco that means the join of four Izalcos,  this is a clean and nice town offer one of  the market based in the traditional colonial market and you can see in the profile of the people who sell descendent of the Mayan civilization. The church and the main plaza make this town a really lovely.

Then we move to the smallest town of the five Salcoatitan,it is a mayans word who mean colorful snake , this have the oldest church of the area.

Juayua is the biggest town of all this area, in this place we can find this beautiful waterfall name chorro de la calera, it is just a fresh and clean water coming from the mountain.

We move to take lunch at the Jardin de Celeste it one of the best restaurant to try local cosine, walking through the garden and enjoy the birds and flora of the area.

After lunch we visit Apaneca, this is a quiet and relaxing town, we can walk around the town and this main attraction is the natural maze make from bushes, other attraction is  the buggy car tour to the green lagoon  and ninfas lagoon or the zip lines. Apaneca mean river of winds

At the last we visit Ataco this beautiful and colorful town is the most tourist of the five, just walking around the street store or try the local coffee one of the best in the country, we can do a coffee tour in Beneficio El Carmen and learn something of the coffee culture or just finish the day in the hotspring.

We finish drop you in your place we agree.

Our rate include: Private transportation and bilingual guide, entrance to Waterfalls chorros de la calera, coffee tours in Beneficio El Carmen.

Do not include: food or drinks.

(* place to pick up with this rate : San Salvador, Santa Ana, Tunco Beach, Santa Tecla)

***Additional person pay $40 extra***.