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Guatemala, Mayans – Spanish and Nature.

Welcome to Guatemala,this country have a lot of history include one of the biggest Mayan city call Tikal, have a conexion with Yaxha and Xunan Tunich in Belize. other places like Quirigua with the tallest stelas of the mayans empire. The good thing about this culture is you can see in differents towns all the mayans decendents and you can listen one of the 16th mayan lenguages they still talk.

One of the most important city of  the Spanish Empire was Antigua Guatemala,  the city was once known as La Muy Noble y Muy Leal Ciudad de Santiago de Los Caballeros de Guatemala, the name given to several cities which served as the capital of the Spanish colony of Guatemala.  the capital was founded near the Volcán de Agua in what is today Ciudad Vieja, but in 1541 this city suffer a collapse of the crater of the Volcán de Agua, the city was destroyed by flooding and refounded in 1543, what is today known as Antigua.

It was the capital until a disastrous major earthquake in 1773 damaged most of the city. The Spanish Crown ordered the Capital to be moved to a new location, which by the name “Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción” became the modern Guatemala City. In 1776 the old capital was ordered abandoned. Not everyone left, but from bustling capital it became a provincial town, filled with the ruins of former glory. It became known as “Antigua Guatemala”, meaning “Old Guatemala”.

About nature Guatemala has amazing natural site, like Atitlan lake, Semuc Champey, Rio Dulce, volcanoes and mountains. perfect for hikes, no matters what place you choose, for sure you will have a nice time.

We visit different part of Guatemala, we can start the tour from  the Guatemala Airport or pick up you at the city and show you around, Or if you want to start from El Salvador or Copan Honduras.


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