El Salvador is a perfect place to start your trip in Central America,

We can move fast from one place to other because is the smallest country in the entire continent of America (if you don’t count with some island at the caribbean) and this is and advantage we have because we can move to neighbor countries in just 2 hours. And we offer everything all the big tropical countries have in a portion of distance.

A little bit of history, we are mayan descendents, conquer for the spanish in the XV century, we made the firts scream of independence in Central America in 1811 and we turn independent in 1821,we join to Mexico by El Plan de Iguala and separated 2 years later to create the Federal republic of Central America and El Salvador like the other countries in central america was a independent state of the big country. But  this Repeblic doesn’t work and start the civil war for 17 years. Until the 1841 we finish with the Federal Republic of Central America and born like independent Republic of El Salvador.  We create the democratic government, or first currency start in 1894  was called Pesos , until the 1935 we create the Colones we use before the turn to US dollar in 2001.

In the 1980 we suffer a civil war and take 12 years to ending, in this civil war must of the people who lives at the battlefield run away and some of the this people get to USA. Some of them move to Los Angeles and create the MS 13 in the around 1994 after the civil war,  they were deported and they start the gangs activities at the country. Sadly the media talk more about gangs than the good thing we have, El Salvador is not just gang member country, 99% of the population is hard working people and good christians and catholics, between other religion,

We are travellers ourselves, we understand the factors that make the difference between an ok tour and an awesome tour. Safety, comfort, quality, punctuality and/or increased expenses are probably the most important of these factors. Central America has a bad reputation in regards to safety; The U.S. Department of State has issued warnings to U.S. citizens that plan to travel to El Salvador, to let them know that crime and violence levels in El Salvador are high.

However, the same warning states “There is no information to suggest that foreign citizens are specifically targeted by criminals.” As locals, we recommend have or ask for loca knowledge what areas you can go and what areas you can’t go.

Fortunately, we know what areas are appropriate to visit, most of the country is really good and is perfect to spend some time and meet the people and gastronomy, you feel safe and secure every time, we know different places you can enjoy and you can relax with your family with no threat around.

Welcome to El Salvador!


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