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The east side of El Salvador

Offer a lot of nature, fun, culture, relax, and history. In this area is conformed for 4 diferent departaments, Usulutan, San Miguel, Morazan and La Union.

What to do?

Each one has its own charm and beauty. Mountains, rivers, bay, gulf, beaches, volcanoes, are some of the best atracttion in all area.


This area have a lot of History in our country, well before the spanish came the native people just to lived there are the Lencas.

For that reason some of the pronuntation of some cities change.

1980 we suffer a civil war and all this area  was the battle field of the guerrillas and the military army that mark the area forever

How many time to visit?

This area is perfecto to visit for at least 3 days:

visit the Mountain in Morazan, Volcano and gulf  in  La Union and the beach in San Miguel. On the way we can visit in a few hours the Jiquilisco Bay and Alegria town in Usulutan.

We offer a tour of 6 days 5 night visit everything with no rush but we can change the quantity of days and places to visit for you can enjoy the best experience in our country.

Posible itinerary

This is a example of the tour, we are custom tours we can change everything and visit the places you want. But for us we can say is one of the best option to do the tour.

Day one

  • Start in San Salvador or Airport
  • Visit the Jiquilisco bay, few hours at least you want to stay there
  • Visit Berlin to stretch the legs and have some snack or food
  • Arrive to Alegria, watch the sunset from the viewpoint spend the night there

Day two

  • At the morning we visit the places around coffee farms and lagoon departure to Morazan in the afternoon
  • Morazan we look for our place in Perquin area, offer nice weather and a lot of different places to stay
  • We visit the Museum of the Revolution and the Mozote Town in the morning
  • In the afternoon and visit Las pilas and visit Olomina waterfall or Bailadero del diablo and Rio Sapo
  • Look for our place to sleep enjoy the weather and a good meal

Day three

  • We move to La Union we take a boat ride through the gulf we take a lunch in a Island and we move back to land and look for our place
  • In this case we have two option find our place early afternoon to do camping in the top of the volcano our we find a place in the town close to the beach

Day Four

  • If we camping at the volcano, we wake up early and enjoy the magnificent sunrise
  • If we stay in a hotel we move in the morning and we move to the volcano do a small hike until they viewpoint then we move to El Cuco
  • Find your place and spend the rest of the day at the beach

Day Five

  • Beach Day
  • Surf
  • Walking
  • Relax

Day Six

We comeback to San Salvador or Airport.

**Our rate Just include private transportation, bilingual guide and entrance to parks and boat ride price are for 1 – 3 person**


Offer different attraction like, Jiquilisco Bay, we can find a lot of different animals like birds and crocodiles. Just living in their natural environment, we can do kayaking in the rivers between mangroves forest..

Place of bay, towns and hills.

Then we move to Alegria but first we pass to Berlin, are small a town in the top of the hill.

Usually main resource is the coffee farms but the tourism is growing up, they offer place like the Alegria Lagoon is  the crater of Alegria Volcano.

The viewpoint  one of the tradition in this place is you have to kiss your couple, and enjoy all the Jiboa Valley.


Departament located at the north east area of the country. offer rivers, history and fresh mountains.

This place was one of the most frequently battlefield of the civil war, most of the departament are hills with pine trees forest perfect for the guerrilla.

They used the palce like a fort, we call this area the peace route, but all his history is based in the time of the civil war.

Place to visit

We focus in the area of Perquin, this area offer different hotel and hostel and the main attraction are around this place, rivers, waterfalls, valleys, forest, birds and more.

The nature, the wheater, the view make this place special.

La Union

The last department of the east side of the country border with Honduras.

Gulf and Volcano

offer one of the best views to wake up with the sun, Conchagua Volcano and you can see all the Fonseca Gulf..

Mobility between countries

It is easy to creoos borders but if you want to move direct to Nicaragua, we can take a boat and go south for around two hours and you arrive to Nicaragua.

there is a complex of island who belong to different countries, in the center of the gulf has a place in call the El Trifinio.

This is because you can see the three countries El Salvador, Honduras and NIcaragua. ,

San Miguel

Have beautiful places, but in this time we focus on the beach area.

Beach at San Miguel

Relax beach

We visit the area of El Cuco or Punta Mango,  El Cuco beach is a peaceful and relax sand beach just for you.

Surf Beach

Or if you like surf we can go to Punta Flores and enjoy of the perfect barrels. but you can relax after surf one the shore.

At the area we can find, nice resort or a small hostel, but the fun, the food and the the amazing  beach make of this area a paradise

Enjoy this paradise, is a special place waiting for you.