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Copan Ruinas

One of the most charming towns at the west side of Honduras, Just 3 ½ hours From Santa Ana City is Copan, one of the most important sites of the Mayan civilization.

The site is functioned as the political, civil and religious centre of the Copan Valley. Our company offer day tours from El Salvador. Check out our day tour or if you want to stay in copan  and visit the other atractions like Macaws Mountain or Luna Jaguar hot spring betewen others, check two days tour in copan.


We offer day tour to Copan if you are located in San Salvador, Santa Ana, La Libertad Beach, we start at 6;00 am in the morning.

From San Salvador or La Libertad takes around 2 hours to get to Anguiatu the border and from Santa Ana takes just one hour, We get to Copan by Guatemala, we croos the border for Metapan,  Anguiatu to get to Guatemala, then we drive for 1 hour 45 minutes and get to the border El Florido  with Honduras, from this point to Copan is just take 15 munitues.

We visit firts the Ruins Site, takes around 2 hours to walk all the site, and then we move to do Sepulturas is a residencial place takes around one hour and we move to the town to take lunch we walk a little bit at the town and we comeback to El Salvador.

Our rate for this tour is $180 (just walking inside the park) 

$210 With a local guide. (local guide  belong to the Labor Union Guide of the Site of Copan).

Our tour is for 2 persons include private transportation, two entrance to site Copan Ruinas, 2 lts. of water.

Our rate not incluide entrace to :

Tunnels: $15 (Price per person)

Sculture Museums:  $7 (Price per person)

Anthropological Museum; $3 (Price per person)

Digital Museum ; $3 (Price per person)

Extra person to Site of copan: $15


Well with time we can enjoy Copan is not just the ruins,

After the visit of the ruins, we can visit Luna Jagua Hotspring can be the same day in the afternoon or the morning of the next day, the place it is around 40 minutes from the town of Copan, The place are in the middle of coffee farms and mountain in Honduras. The place is just lovely, conect your spirutual been with the nature, the hot water comming from the middle of the mountain and the different temperatures you can find  at the place made you can relax and just enjoy the palce, becasue is at the middle of the mountain the place allow you to bring food and drinks, at the place you can find one small place with some snacks and drinks.

Another good option is Macaws Mountain, is a rescue bird and protected area, they want to bring to the wild life all the macaws who born at the place, they try to bring back to population od red macaw to Copan, and they have anther birds the people use like a pet and they take care of them.

If you like horse, do horseback riding at copan is just a big experience, croos the river and enjoy the view of the farms and the town with ruins is just lovely.

At night we can visit the Digital Museum and enjoy the Baleadas is the national dish, Copan offer really nice place to enjoy the night life, if you like street food you can find around the main plaza different option fromlocal cousine made for this Garifunas family, our the humble dish baleadas, tacos, tortas and a lot of beef, chicken and pork.

Our rate for Two person is $350 include:

  • Bilngual guide and private transportation El Salvador – Copan – EL Salvador,
  • entrance to the Site Copan Ruins and Sepultures and Digital Museum at night.
  • Transportation and entrance to Luna Jaguar Hotspring and Macaws Mountain.

Not include: lodge and food or drinks.

We can do one or two days tours just let us know the number of the persons yo give you our rate..