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San Salvador:


Capital of the country, Most of his building data from the end of the 19th century and early 20th century

The history start in 1546 the city recived the title of City from Carlos I the king of Spain. Governed for the Spanish until the independence of Central America and Mexico in September of 1821.

One of the first attempt of independece was in San Salvador 5 of November of 1811, Dr. Jose Matias Delgado ring the bell of the Dolores Church and scream for the firts time in central america land “Freedom”.

We join to mexico for two years and then we crated the Federal Republic of Central America, All the countries of central america belong to the republic like independence states, but the greed of the polititions of that time make we start a civil war for 18 years until we turn independence  in January of the 1844.

We have a bis economical boom whit General Gerardo Barrios was our president in 1858, he introduce the coffee plantations,  he had to restore the dock to export the product,

Economic Boom

This economic boom make in 1890 El Salvador made for the first time a currency, we call Pesos, like the Mexico, For the first time in all the history we release the economy and small shops and business start to created the midle class.

Army insurrection and Genocide

1932 we finish with the mayan culture, with the firts military dictatorship we had, the name was General Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez,

Finish with the mayan culture. He prohibited the mayan lenguaje and mayan clothes, the mayan have to dress like spanish and talk like the spanish.

If you dont follow this law you will be kill. He kill more than 32,000 mayan decendent just for talk nahuatl and dress like a mayan.


1950  We start the industry, firts country in Central America and the third in Latinamerica, for the firts time the people have a choice to work  in the farms or in the factory and the factory pay better than the farms, our midle class start to grow.


The 1970 the sons and daugthers of this persons who works in the factory they have the posibility to go to the university.

This young people start to understand how the goberment was handle for the economic power, the political situation in latinamerica was just gorberned for military dictatorial and El Salvador was not exception,

the protest start and the repression start at the same time, more protest more repression.

Civil War

1980 something change everything, the goberment kill our archibishop Oscar Romero, and the civil war start, we suffer 12 years of a brutal and bloodnes war.

Most ofthe people run away to the city or looking for the american dream. This last groups some of this finish in LA, attacked at the beganing for the mexican people who lived in the center of los Angeles.

The salvadorean to try to protected from the mexican join together and with this they create the MS13.

End of the War

1992 we sign the peace and finally the war stop, one of the main point to sign the peace was disolved the military Police and the Hacienda Police and crate a new civil police,

We start to create the civil policil until 1992, but this was uneficient and  with no experience. the chaotich moment in Los Angeles n the midle of the 90 decade, start the deportation of the gangs member to El Salvado.

The new police and the human right watching careful how the police works the repression,  the gangs have everything to take the country.

Amazing Contry

We still are amazing country but like Los Angeles, you have to know hat naigthboor you can go or not. Most of the country is beautiful, you always receive a smile from the people, our gastronomic is just delicious.

You will have a nice time in this country is not just the places, is our people we are a hard working people. 50% of population is catholic, 38% is Christian and the rest are Jehovah witness, Mormon, Musulman and Jew. We are good people and a nice country,

You can come with no fear, we are here for you can enjoy the country.

Tour Itinerary

  • City tour

    I pick up you at your place or the airport and we start the tour, we start visit Boqueron National park is the big crater of San Salvador volcano, we do a small hike
    around 20 minutes and we move to the city


    We move to the downtown area of San Salvador, we visit the National Palace, was used for Presidential House, Supreme Court and the Congress. Main plazas, Barrios, Morazan and Libertad plaza, and Rosario Church, if it is open we can visit the musseum of the currency is the only place we can see colones our last currency.

  • pupusa time: TIME TO SAY GOODBYE

    Before go back to your place or the airport we stop in Olocuilta – Planes de Renderos or Antiguo Cuscatlan  to try our humble dish pupusas and we back to the airport or your place.

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Pricing Packs

Beach tour

Beach Tour
$ 100
  • Malecon
  • El Tunco Beach
  • Punta Roca
  • El Palmar or Conchalio

Hike and Lake

Santa Ana Volcano Hike
$ 160
  • Private guide
  • Private Transport
  • Entrance to parks
  • Coatepeque Lake

Mayan Sites

Mayan Sites
$ 160
  • San Andres
  • Joya de Ceren
  • Tazumal
  • Casa Blanca

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