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Road Trip in Central America

Central America

Offer 7 different countries located in the center of the American continent, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Panama and Belize are include in central america but historical Belize was part of Guatemala.

Most favorite country for tourist in Central America

But sorry we do not work in Costa Rica or Panama yet.

Is Costa Rica and Panama,  but let me tell you something,  you can visit the rest of the countries for the half of the money in Costa Rica.

What Media say about the rest of the countries?

The news and internet mark bad reputation labels about our countries, sadly just show the bad side and never the good side.

I know the media say some of these countries are really bad El Salvador and Honduras mostly have bad reputation.

Realities VS Media

The reality in Central America is away different from what the media teaches on TV or on the Internet.

All countries have exceptional places to visit, culture, history, nature are just around the corner and you can do it in a safety way.

 we are beautiful countries, with amazing landviews, ancient culture, good food and really nice people,  l

Let me show you the real face of Central America.

Place to visit in or tour

We visit different Spanish Colonial Cities and Towns,  Modern Cities,  lakes, beaches, waterfalls, Mayan Ruins, Volcanoes, Mountains, Gastronomy, Coffee Culture, Rivers, Hotsprings, History, Culture and a lot of fun good people, nice places everything in two weeks.

We can start the tour from Belize, Niaragua or El Salvdor airport.  4 hours around when we croos the borders to change country, this time include the average time in the border, stop for gas, suplies or bathroom..

Days in each country.


4 days: San Juan Del Sur, Ometepe, Granada and Masaya Volcano, Leon

El Salvador:

4 days – , El Cuco Beach, San Salvador city Tour, El Tunco Beach, Santa Ana volcano and city, Coatepeque Lake,  Ruta de las Flores (waterfalls, hot sprins, coffee culture),,


2  days –  Copan ruins.


3: days –  Antigua Guatemala, Atitlan lake, Guatemala cityr, Semuc Champei or Rio Dulce,  Isla de FLores and Tikal


2  days –  San Ignacio, Belice City – Coulker key or San Pedro

15 days in central America 5 different countries and the best places in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Belize

Place to start

We can start the tour from Managua Nicaragua Airport, Border Peñas Blancas  (Costa Rica – Nicaragua)

El Salvador city or airport or  start at Belize airport.or border with Mexico.

Nicaragua Places:

In this case we start our example of this tour in the sout side of Central America, we start in Nicaragua, remember this is just a example we can start in Belize or El Salvador.

Day 1

Well the firts. Pick up at the airport or the border with Costa Rica and we move to San Juan Del Sur, it is a beautiful bay, we visit the Christ at top of the hill and enjoy the view of the entire bay, enjoy the beach and the night life.

Day 2

We can visit one of the local beach in the mornig and move to Granada City after lunch, late afternoon we move to Masaya Volcano and we wach the lava of the volcano, we comeback to Granada and we enjoy the Granada city at night.

Day 3

We move after breakfast to Leon City, and we visit the beach of Ponaloya and after sunset we go back to the city we can try the street food is really good, clean and tasty. After dinner we just walk around the city is lovely at night.

Day 4

Take breakfast and move to  El Salvador

El Salvador places:

Day 4

We croos Honduras to arrive to El Salvador from Nicaragua.  After a few hours driving and two borders we arrive to El Cuco beach is a sandy beach perfect to recover some energy from the travel, this beach is just relaxing and  perfect for forget everything and just enjoy and relax.

Day 5

From the beach to the mountain, we move after beackfast to Perquin, is a fresh mountain with a lot of history in El Salvador, this was the mountain the guerrilla used like a base in the civil war. We visit the Museum of the War and the tatus of the guerrilla they use like hospitals or for protection  of the boms. We can visit a River and take a bath in a cold clean water and back to our place before sunset.

Day 6

we move to the center of the country and we visit Suchitoto, we do a small center of the town tour and we can take a boat trip at the lake, this is a nice place to sleep because is quite at night.

Day 7

We move and we move to Honduras,

Day 10

We comeback to El Salvador from Copan and we visit Santa Ana and take lunch, in the afternoon we visit the coatepeque lake, and we finish at San Salvador we can do city tour at night.

Day 11

We  move to El Tunco beach and vsit the local beacheas and El Malecon is a dock and a fish market and enjoy good sea food.

Day 12.

We  move to  Ruta de las flores, enjoy the colonial towns, waterfalls of Chorros de la Calera, coffee culture and Hotsprings

Day 13

We move to Antigua Guatemala


A little bit of history, we are mayan descendents, conquer for the spanish in the 1500 and turn independent in 1821, we create the Federal republic of Central America and El Salvador like the other countries in central america was a independent state of the big country. But doesn’t work and start thecivil war for 20 years. Until 1841 we born like independent Republic of El Salvador.  We create the democratic government, or first currency was Pesos but we change to Colones in 1935 and the turn to US dollar in 2001.

In the 1980 we suffer a civil war and take 12 years to ending, in this civil war must of the people who lives at the battlefield run away and some of the this people get to USA. Some of them move to Los Angeles and create the MS 13 in the 90 after the war they were deported and they start the gang in the country in the middle 90 decade. But El Salvador is not just gang member country, 99% of the population is hard working people and good christians and catholics, between other religion,

We are travellers ourselves, we understand the factors that make the difference between an ok tour and an awesome tour. Safety, comfort, quality, punctuality and/or increased expenses are probably the most important of these factors. Central America has a bad reputation in regards to safety; The U.S. Department of State has issued warnings to U.S. citizens that plan to travel to El Salvador, to let them know that crime and violence levels in El Salvador are high.

However, the same warning states “There is no information to suggest that U.S. citizens are specifically targeted by criminals.” As locals, We wouldnt recommend any foreigner to visit El Salvador, Guatemala or Honduras by themselves specially if they come with family.

Fortunately, we know what areas are appropriate to visit, most of the country is really good and is perfect to spend some time and meet the areas the people and gastronomy, you feel safe and secure every time, we know different places you can enjoy and you can relax with your family with no threat around.

Honduras places:

Day 7

We get to Santa Rosa de Copan is the main city of the west side Honduras, this city is perfect just for walking trought the central area of the city.

Day 8

We move to Gracias Lempira and we visit the Celaque National park, we can do a hike the level of the hike depend of you. we come back to the city and we can visit the spanish fort thet protect the city.

Day 9

We move to Copan Ruins, visit the ruins and enjoy the night life of Copan visit the digital museum and enjoy the delicius baleadas.

Day 10

Come back to El Salvador


Honduras is a marvelous country, most of the people think the only places you can visit in Honduras is Roatan and Copan Ruinas because is the only safe areas you can find in Honduras, and it is ok, because everybody knows the news we hear about their politics situation and problems with the gangs and is not far of the real, that problem exist, but at the same of El Salvador the gangs live in the poor side of the big cities, and the poor people suffer the consequences, There is other areas really nice and safe this areas are located around Copan Site is the west side of the country and are beautiful place, history, nature local experience and feeling safe.

This towns are not tourist because the people doesn’t know about this places and are full with nice people and delicious food, you can really enjoy the country and you can admire its natural beauty and its history.

In our trip at Honduras we visit the west side of Honduras we visit, Santa Rosa de Copan, is the biggest and development city of the west side of Honduras, the Historical Center still have that charming of the Colonia, the stone roads and architecture make this place perfect to do a small walk througth the city.

Gracias Lempira  the most small town of our tour, but is just beautiful small town inside the valley of the mountains, really close from the cloud forest Celaque National park,  covers an area of 266.31 square kilometres. It includes Honduras’ tallest peak, called Cerro Las Minas or Pico Celaque, which reaches approximately 2,870 metres (9,416 ft) above mean sea level. It has an elevation ranging from 975 to 2,870 metres (3,199 to 9,416 ft).

The parks offer different kinds of hike you can choose from half and hour hike to 2 days hikes camping in the top of the volcano and enjoy this beautiful sunrise above the clouds, other place we can visit is the spanish fort at the top of the hill, protecting the town.

And of course we visit Copan Ruins, this marvelous mayan city, world heritage and ond of the most important city in the mayan east territory.  Copan is not just ruins we can Luna Jaguar Hotspring around 40 minutes from the town of Copan, the place is just lovely, conect your spirutual been with the nature, the hot water comming from the middle of the mountain and the different temperatures you can find  at the place made you can relax and just enjoy the palce.

Another good option is Macaws Mountain, is a rescue bird and protected area, they want to bring to the wild life all the macaws who born at the place, they try to bring back to population od red macaw to Copan, and they have anther birds the people use like a pet and they take care of them.

If you like horse, do horseback riding at copan is just a big experience, croos the river and enjoy the view of the farms and the town with ruins is just lovely.

At night we can visit the Digital Museum and enjoy the Baleadas is the national dish, Copan offer really nice place to enjoy the night life, if you like street food you can find around the main plaza different option fromlocal cousine made for this Garifunas family, our the humble dish baleadas, tacos, tortas and a lot of beef, chicken and pork.

Guatemala Places:

Day 13

We move to Antigua Guatemala we enjoy of the most powerful city in the colonia, we made a walking tour and we can take the car to move to Cerro de la Cruz.

Day 14

We move early in the morning to Panajachel and we visit Atitlan lake, we can take a tour at the lake and visit the some of the towns around the lake and comeback t Guatemala city.

Day 15

We move to Coban and enjoy the majestic river of Semuc Champey we spend the night in Lanquin

Day 16

we take our way to Flores Peten, this can be a longer trip to get to Peten is around 6 hours driving and we lost half of the dat in the car, we just enjoy of the island of Flores and we can take a bath on the lake and walking trought the island.

Day 17

We Move to Tikal, we do tikal in the morning and then we move to Belize after lunch.


Welcome to Guatemala,this country have a lot of history include one of the biggest Mayan city call Tikal, have a conexion with Yaxha and Xunan Tunich in Belize. other places like Quirigua with the tallest stelas of the mayans empire. The good thing about this culture is you can see in differents towns all the mayans decendents and you can listen one of the 16th mayan lenguages they still talk.

One of the most important city of  the Spanish Empire was Antigua Guatemala,  the city was once known as La Muy Noble y Muy Leal Ciudad de Santiago de Los Caballeros de Guatemala,the name given to several cities which served as the capital of the Spanish colony of Guatemala.  the capital was founded near the Volcán de Agua in what is today Ciudad Vieja, but in 1541 this city suffer a collapse of the crater of the Volcán de Agua, the city was destroyed by flooding and refounded in 1543, what is today known as Antigua.

It was the capital until a disastrous major earthquake in 1773 damaged most of the city. The Spanish Crown ordered the Capital to be moved to a new location, which by the name “Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción” became the modern Guatemala City. In 1776 the old capital was ordered abandoned. Not everyone left, but from bustling capital it became a provincial town, filled with the ruins of former glory. It became known as “Antigua Guatemala”, meaning “Old Guatemala”.

About nature Guatemala has amazing natural site, like Atitlan lake, Semuc Champey, Rio Dulce, volcanoes and mountains. perfect for hikes, no matters what place you choose, for sure you will have a nice time.

Belize places:

Day 17

we arrive to Belize in the afternoon and the firt place to visit is Xunan Tunich is a small complex and then we move to Daringa and we stay there. at night we can do Cockcomb National park and we do a night walk inside the park.

Day 18

We move to Hopkings and we enjoy of the beach all day, boat trip our just walk throught the beach

Day 19

We move to Belice city  and we visit the caye Caulker

Day 20

We move back to Belize City and drop you at the aiport.